Welcome to Dacsa Atlantic.

At Dacsa Atlantic we dedicate ourselves to drying, storage and milling of rice and corn of superior quality. We select the best fields of crops and better seeds to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

High quality standards

Traceability and food safety

Dacsa Atlantic has implemented a system for monitoring and recording of lots that guarantees the traceability of products from the crop fields to the final product, ensuring high standards in food safety. 

Dacsa Atlantic products pass through various stages, before reaching the consumer, whether it is a private customer or an industrial one. The first of which is the growing of the cereals.

The process beginswith the selection of the varieties of seeds that will give types of rice and maize that the market requires. This choice is based on the type of final product most suitable to meet the needs and tastes of consumers, but also on the industry requirements, farmer’s productivity and finally is based on our GMO Free policy.

The whole process of selection and cultivation of the seeds is monitored by our team of agronomists.

At the end of the growth cycle, the cereal is harvested and transported to one of Dacsa Atlantic units, where it is clean, dried and then stored in silos.

Monitoring the humidity, temperature and ventilation of silos, ensures the optimum storage conditions of the product. 

Before packing, rice and corn goes through several processes, all controlled by our laboratory. The full traceability of products, from seed to final product is ensured by a rigorous process of sampling, analysis and records, controlled by our Quality Department. 

For shipping, transport is subject to quality standards and is registered and inspected prior to any authorization of charge. For special products, Dacsa Atlantic uses its fleet of trucks specially adapted for handling such products.

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