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At Dacsa Atlantic we dedicate ourselves to drying, storage and milling of rice and corn of superior quality. We select the best fields of crops and better seeds to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

Products for the Baby Food Industry

Special Products

Continuous investment in higher standards of quality and food safety has given Dacsa Atlantic the ability to supply rice flours and corn flours that meet the “Full Supply Chain Control” Baby Food specification. In these areas our customers are multinational baby food companies.

This product, that calls for the highest and strictest food safety standards, is an excellent testimony of A.M. capabilities in this field and lends the company a prominent profile on the European scene.



  • Rice Flour L.G, Baby Food - FSCC “Full Supply Chain Control”
  • Rice Flour R.G, Baby Food - FSCC “Full Supply Chain Control”
  • Corn Flour, Baby Food - FSCC “Full Supply Chain Control”
  • Baby Food Rice - FSCC “Full Supply Chain Control”


Types of packaging:

  • 25 Kg bags
  • Big Bags

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