Welcome to Dacsa Atlantic.

At Dacsa Atlantic we dedicate ourselves to drying, storage and milling of rice and corn of superior quality. We select the best fields of crops and better seeds to ensure the quality and safety of our products.


The high expertise and flexibility in product development allows us to present to the market a large variety of rice from several regions of the world.


  • Long A / Japonica Medium
  • Long B / Indica
  • Round
  • Brown
  • Parboiled
  • Basmati and Thai
  • Risotto
  • Wild rice mix
  • Rice flour
  • Rice brokens
  • Among other varieties

As one of the largest private label suppliers for rice in Portugal, we provide retailers a variety of rice products for private labelling.

Type of Packaging:

  • 0,5kg, 1kg, 5kg, 25 kg
  • 10-pack display carton
  • 12 units pack involved in retractable Polyethylene
  • ½ pallet box 
  • Pallet box

For the industry, the rice may be supplied in the following modes:

  • Kraft paper bags with 25 Kg
  • Big Bags of polypropylene of 1000Kg
  • Bulk

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