Welcome to Dacsa Atlantic.

At Dacsa Atlantic we dedicate ourselves to drying, storage and milling of rice and corn of superior quality. We select the best fields of crops and better seeds to ensure the quality and safety of our products.


Dacsa Atlantic has a close relationship with producers, seeking to bridge the gap between customer preferences and what is most advantageous to the producer, and at the same time usable from the industrial point of view.

Our internal team of agronomists monitors and gives advice to farmers in all stages of crops and harvest, seeking to obtain the best rice and corn. This close relationship with farmers is strengthened by the advising and supplying of certified seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and by the supplying by Dacsa Atlantic of harvesting and transport services.

Due to this strong relationship with the producers, Dacsa Atlantic has established with farmers, production contracts containing a technical agreement on FSCC, "Full Supply Chain Control" or "End to End Supply Chain” Control.


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