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At Dacsa Atlantic we dedicate ourselves to drying, storage and milling of rice and corn of superior quality. We select the best fields of crops and better seeds to ensure the quality and safety of our products.


Dacsa Atlantic formerly called Atlantic Meals resulted from the association between two Portuguese companies: Herdade da Comporta (Espirito Santo Group) and Portalimpex-Certejo.

The history goes back to 1925 when a British company, the "Atlantic Company" through complex engineering work, drained the swamps that are still today the basis of agricultural production of the shareholder's Herdade da Comporta.

In 1996, Certejo arises in order to provide integrated support to the production area of the Sorraia Valley, thus filling the void created by the disappearance of agricultural cooperatives in Portugal during the latest 80’s/90’s. In late 2005, the Certejo merges with Portalimpex, an internationally renowned company operating in the trading of cereals since 1967.

The company was awarded, in 2009, the Sector’s Best Performance Company Award by the Exame Business Magazine - 1000 Ranking of Best Small & Medium Entreprises.
In 2010, Monte da Barca Plc assumes Certejo Portalimpex share in Atlantic Meals.

In 2015 DACSA - Maicerías Españolas, S.A. entries into ATLANTIC MEAL’s  capital, through the acquisition of 50% of the company. The other 50% belongs to Monte da Barca S.A.

Certified by ISO 9001, ISO 22.000 and BRC Grade AA, Dacsa Atlantic has constantly invested in its industrial units of Monte da Barca, Biscainho and Comporta, increasing its industrial capacity as well as hygiene and food safety policy, in order to meet the needs of the baby food industry, the brewing industry, food industry and modern distribution.

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